This blog is about all about motivation and tips on how to improve your overall health. You will learn most up to date scientific health facts and motivational stories about our users.
Our goal is to promote Intermittent fasting as a Free and easy to follow diet. We want to save people’s lives, especially for those who are obese and have a high risk of getting ill.
Unfortunately we live in a society where fitness and food industries are willing to do anything in order to generate more income.
That is why a food company will always promote eating often and eating more, because they want to sell you their product no matter what.
We are surrounded by food commercials, fast food’ s, bakery’s and other unhealthy threats.
As a result we have a overweight and sick nation. Obesity, strokes, diabetes and Alzheimer disease became normal.

That is why we have to share the fasting secrets to all of our friends and family members. A minor action, such as a share on social media can make a huge impact and save dozen of lives.